Friday, August 27, 2004

ten a.m.

I missed the streaking incident yesterday morning, but I went to the kangaroo court at the Martin Luther King High School on west 65th street. It was what I expected. Accusing Bush of violating nonextistant international law and attacking the US for being the only fount of evil in the entire world save Israel. One of the guys giving a workshop couldn't even ADD. He said that this year marked the 100th (!) anniversary of the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Ed ruling. Fancy that.

I heckled a bit and was asked not too.

"This is a private teach-in" I was told.
"I thought it was a public tribunal" I replied.
He didn't say anything back.

The kangaroo court gave it's findings, to no one's surprise, Bush was found guilty of violating a statute that they had written themselves. [to be fair, that was the Japanese branch, I was so disgusted I left before it was over].

This morning, I took some colleges to the floor of the RNC in MSG for a press conference. This was to be told about the in-house entertainment between the major speeches. Five picturesque "Cee Jays" will interview delegates and discuss trivia with the delegates and be shown on the con's big screen TV. Soon I'll go back and see the balloons...Or not.

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