Friday, August 20, 2004

Aug. 20th Ten AM

It’s started. The day before yesterday there was something called a "war profiteers tour" of New York, where some of the local lefties showed off where they had protests in the past. It was mostly office buildings where members of the group would read a text explaining how the company who’s offices were there were EVIL and the like. We were escorted by the cops, who in fact turned out to be very helpful, even stopping traffic on 40th street in order to let us finish crossing Park Avenue. It was silly and kind’a fun and this is the sort of thing that they claim the next two weeks are going to be like.

However, the No RNC clearinghouse had a slightly different message. They had a pre-meeting cheering session and they talked about "breaking heads." But I’m sure that’s only rhetoric. I had to leave early for a screening of the "Exorcist" prequel.

Be that as it may, there was lots of information to be had, such as events and the like and that includes the marches. Lots and lots and lots of marches, tying up traffic and causing massive disruptions on top of what the Republicans are already inflicting.

Fun fun fun.

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