Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The following tuesday, four PM

Tuesday three thirty in the afternoon.

I guess I should do a denouement after the week that was. The place was sooo packed that everyone who wasout in the hall going to the bathroom or getting a snack couldn’t get in.This meant Kennedys and movie stars and other celebrities. I stood therewith Lisa Ling of "The View" and National Geographic specials while peoplenegotiated with the deputy fire marshals to get back to their seats.

Kerry’sspeech was decent. I had to watch it on TV in the press room next to thefloor. CNN’s Larry King had to as well, although it was in the "back yard"area where the interns worked. That was good to know.

So that was it for the Convention.

Thepolls told the story of how it was going to play throughout the country.It did nada. Gallup showed Bush taking the lead with 51% although everyone else showed Kerry ahead with a couple of points here and there.

Therewas a terror alert here in New York the other day, Dean said it was bogus,which caused an immediate denial by the Kerry campaign. If he’s wrong, he’sgoing to by lynched by the Democrats before the Republicans get a chance to replay the video tape even once.

It's back to movie reviews before going to Canada for the weekend. I'm going to take the fast ferry from Rochester to Toronto and back. It's cheaper to fly.

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