Monday, August 23, 2004

C-MINUS one week

So the circus is coming to town at last! The congressional press office has opened up it’s RNC branch at the Hotel Pennsylvania and while they didn’t have any actual credentials to give out [we get them on Thursday], the guy in charge did indeed have something to give away. The official goody pack!

The official goody pack contains: One official tote bag with the RNC logo on one side and New Balance, don’t ask me what the hell that is, on the other. Within this tote bag is:

Three guidebooks
Official RNC commemorative Macaroni and Cheese
A copy of "Miffy Goes to New York" ["My Pet Goat" would seem goash at this stage]
A phone card with an hour’s worth of time on it
A disposable camera curtesy of B&H photos
RNC commemorative M&Ms
A pedometer
A Con Ed key chain
Dunkin Donuts coffee

This is the press pack, the delegates and alternates get slightly better ones and the high rollers get valuable prizes. The GOP’s firs official press conference of the Convention is tomarrow. There is also some other stuff which will be revealed tomarrow.

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