Saturday, August 28, 2004

Saturday morning....

The events are coming thick and fast now. While about a hundred bikers were arrested for blocking traffic right near my house yesterday evening, I went down to Staten Island in order to see a group of people calling themselves "Green Dragon" doing some peaceful street theater on the ferry.

We got on the ferry at 1:30 or so and headed down NY harbor were we met up with a huge amount of press and a dozen or so protesters decked out in faux 18th century costume. They read a proclamation then everyone boarded the same ferry we came on and soon everyone involved was at the front of the boat where another proclamation was read and songs sung. The protesters then went to the port side of the boat and saluted the Statue of Liberty before marching around the boat again. We docked at the terminal and followed the procession back onto dry land where another group calling itself "Billionaires for Bush" was waiting for us. They’re just as left as Green Dragon but like to dress in formalwear and spout faux Republican slogans.

They were all "captured" and loosely tied up, and the whole band, followed by a couple of dozen reporters, marched up to Frauces’ Tavern, where everybody bought a beer and sang some more songs. Fun was had by all and no one was arrested.

The floor of the convention itself is just about ready. It’s built on a platform about nine feet from the ground where there are about ten thousand miles of wires and hydraulic lifts. The latter is for the entertainers between speeches, who are going to come up from underground and do their thing while the commercials are being played on the tube. Also the "CJ’s" are going to interview people. One could see where the balloons are being stored from the floor.

I’m not exactly sure what the Republicans are doing at the today, but the anti-Republicans are going to be all over the place. Planned Parenthood is going to have a march at eleven over the Brooklyn bride at eleven and then there’s some marches in the east village plus the unconvention at 7p o Warsaw, 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

…plus, there’s the Seven-day program NY 9/11 TRUTH CONVERGENCE SPACE At The Brecht Forum Manhattan 122 West 27th Street, 10th Floor (between 6th & 7th Ave.) This is supposed to be some whacked out conspiracy theories blaming anyone but Bin Laden. Take the 1/9 & N/R subway to 28th St. D/B/F to 34th St. . Tel. 212.242.4201.

There’s also some stuff at St. Mark’s Church 131 E. 11th street.
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