Saturday, August 28, 2004

Saturday five PM

The anti-convention is beginning to pick up steam. I went to Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn for the "March For Women’s Lives" sponsored by Planned Parenthood. It basically started like pretty much everything else of this type, with some speeches and music. This part was mostly inoffensive except for one of the chants, which went "racist sexist anti-gay! Born again Christians GO AWAYYYYYYYYY!!!"

If they specifically mentioned Jews or Moslems, there’d be hell to pay, of course, but I guess they didn’t think there’d be any born-agains in the crowd.

I dunno. Maybe there weren’t.

Well, we did see a few roped off when we crossed the bridge into Manhattan. About two dozen antichoice protesters showing pictures of dissociated dead fetuses, nobody was really looking as the temperature was getting really hot and the sight of port-0-potties in the distance began to quicken the pace of the over ten thousand marchers heading for the second rally in City Hall park. As the first speech began, I decided to head off for my next rally….

Now this was really pathetic. After seeing thousands and thousands of people on the Brooklyn/Manhattan border, the mere two hundred or less listening to the speakers for the Green party was, well, dissapointing in the extreme. Green Presidential Nominee David Cobb spoke, but nobody seemed to be listening. I mean, when your own supporters aren’t enthused AND your a fringe party candidate, you’ve got major problems.

There were mostly people with tables selling buttons, stickers and tee shirts, ranging from the extremely good "Thinking is Patriotic" and "What would NIXON do?" to the moronic "Fight the illuminati" and Vote [swastika] Republican. As the temperature began to hit the uppermost 80s, I decided to head off in search of air conditioning. This evening, we’re going to the swanky press welcoming reception, which is going to be fun in a different way.

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