Sunday, August 22, 2004

Some golden oldies....

These are some classics from the first two weeks in September 1988:


Dukakis 48
Bush, Sr. 40

ABC/Washington Post

Dukakis 48
Bush, Sr. 45

LA Times

Dukakis 47
Bush, Sr. 47


Bush Sr. 49
Dukakis 41

CBS/NY Times

Bush Sr. 47
Dukakis 39

The polls were done for the most part simultaniously. I think that this debunks the myth that says whoever's ahead Labor Day will win the election. Gore was ahead on Labor day as wel...oh, yeah....he WON the election.

Some other polls that were really wrong were the last ones in 1980, they all showed Carter ahead or Reagan with a tiny lead. Then there was 1936, when the Literary Digest had a poll showing Alf Landon ahead of Franklin Roosevelt, and remember President Dewey....

The convention office opens for business tomarrow afternoon.

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