Wednesday, May 11, 2005

the early afternoon

Getting into the screenings was actually rather easy.

Our first screening since my last post was a French film called "Lemming," a supernatural thriller of sorts about a nasty woman who commits suicide and takes over the body of a young bride in order to kill her husband....and yes, it has lemmings in it. No metaphforical titles here!

Next was a Mexican film called "Sangre" which is among the most boring films of the 21st century to date. This guy has a clinging wife and they mostly watch television and go to work. She beats him up sometimes and is jealous of her stepdaughter, who winds up was reallz hard work to stay awake....more details later...

I went to the market, which is a trade show and got a whole bunch of flyers, which would be much better if I didn't have so little space....

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