Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Amsterdam, Holland 9:30 local time

It's cold here in Europe. My connection, which wasn't actually a connection but a hope, left early. That''s right early. Ten minutes early, so I have a six hour layover in Amsterdam, which isn't so bad, but all the really good stuff like the marijuana bars and the whorehouses are closed at this hour, and to make things worse, it's in the forties and I'm dressed for the south of France.

It's the middle of MAY for crissake!

I haven't been here for about a decade, and the place seems pretty much the same, except that all the prices are in euros and with the exchange rate as it is, it's all extremely expensive as the prices here are on par with New York on $=€ one on one, which it ain't.

The only thing good about the euro is that you can compare prices throughout the eurozone, so I could see how expensive Cannes is. But that's for later...

The thing is is that I've only got a few hours here in Amsterdam and with everything good opening up late, I'm not going to get much done but blog...

The train to and from the airport costs €6, and I had a heck of a time getting a ticket. My credit card doesn't work in the machines and getting change for a €20 bill was a real bitch. Then the lockers didn't work and a bunch of Canadians and I spent the better part of an hour looking for the ones that did.

I hope things'll get better once I get to France.


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