Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tuesday afternoon

Our first flick of the festival is Hari Om an Indian story of a girl left behind (Camille Natta) and her meeting the eponymous rickshaw driver(Vijay Raaz), who happens to be on the run. So she decides to follow her boyfriend(Jean Marie Lamour) to the next stop on the train and somehow, our hero finds our heroine at the side of the road [the bus had a flat of course], the two of them take the rickshaw [a motorcycle kind of thing, not a seat with wheels powered by a guy running] and go across India where they meet several interesting people and sort of fall in love before our hero has to start a worker's rebellion and the boyfriend .

It’s actually not that bad…

Our second Selection is Forest for the Trees which is a sad tale of a reletively nice person(Eva Löbow) who’s looking to start her life over. Unfortunately, she makes a botch of it and spends her life lonelier than ever. It’s depressing as hell, but Löbow is a brilliant actress and is cute as a button and is terrific as the protagonist. I'm not sure if it's worth the bucks, and I don't think it's going to come to the arthouse anytime soon, so don't sweat it.

Our third selection for the day is an exercise in Weirdness for Weirdness' sake. Innocence is about a bizarre prison/ballet school for a select group of little girls who enter the place in a coffin and are told weird stories about kids who try to escape and are turned into old hags who must serve the girls forever and the like. The whole thing is very strange and not very effecting, and the ending is particularly dissapointing...we were hoping for more murders....bummer.

The discovery of the day is that the daypasses don't work until 9:30 which makes them almost useless, me having to get to at least half a dozen places in the early morning...%^&*

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