Saturday, September 04, 2004

Now that it's over....

Look the protests may have backfired-BIG TIME!!!

Did you see that TIME magazine poll? It might be due to some extent by the protesters. Backlash, y'know?

The press was ALWAYS conservative. Yeah, Walter Cronkite is a liberal, but if you go back to the age before television, you'll notice that most of the media was owned by people like Hearst and Pulitzer

The simple fact is is that EVERYBODY was here in the City and the lunatic fringe was most visible.

The problem was that Kerry's advisors got him to underplay the swiftboat ads because they were so easilly debunkable, but that wasn't what it was all about. It was about wimpieness, and since he didn't SLAP them down HARD was telling, escpecially after the ultra-macho convention performance.

The bounce will be a bounce. Kerry will be back to being even with Bush by the middle of the week, and the thing will be decided by the debates. If you can find a site, you'll notice how this is like 1980.

Carter was ahead after what was a terrible convention.

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