Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Day Two part one

I’m not exactly sure what the schedule is. I’ve got to exchange those old bus tickets for new ones sometime this morning and find out where the screenings are. Usually they’re at the National Film Board building, but not every time, so one has to check.

The list of films this year isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Oh, sure, there’s a few real winners on the list, but most of the stuff already reviewed by NOW, the local alternative weekly is on the mediocre side. But at this point I could be wrong and I usually am.

The ones I’m most looking forward to are the biggies. Stuff like "I [heart] Huckabees" or "Millions" which may be the big kiddie flick of the year. The horror flicks are rather obscure, and as to the rest…They’ve got the usual Canadian bias that’ll show lots of obscure films that’ll never see the light of day south of the border….

In the meantime, it’s cold and feels like It’s going to rain, which may be a good thing as the humidity is a killer….

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