Thursday, September 02, 2004

Later than that...

Zell Miller breathes fire. He started out saying that in the past there was bipartisanship, but then the republicans have been been firmly against bipartisanship for years and years and years. He lists every single weapons system that the US ever bought and claims that Kerry was against all of them. The problem is that some of them were funded when Kerry was Lt. Governor of Massachusetts or even before. The substance was a load of crap, but BOY! What delivery!!!

The Second Lady of the Land gives her husband, the Vice President of these United States a rousing introduction. Then comes the Veep...

Cheney wasn't nearly as bad as expected. He attacks both Kerry and Edwards and goes on and on about the both real and imagined triumphs of the Bush administration. It's more than watchable but not as riveting as Miller's was.

From the convention I head south to the "Billionaires for Bush" party on pier 60, 23rd and the river. The Klasmatics or some other band plays strange Jazz and everyone dances with wild abandon. We get home around a quarter of two in the morning...oog.

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