Thursday, September 02, 2004

9:55 PM

I tried to get a better seat and couldn't actually get one, so now I'm sitting in front of the Larry King set, where he and Disney President George Mitchell while they're watching a video tribute to Ronald Reagan, who's the second patron saint of the party. King seems as bored as Mitchell, although the video is rather well done. They then give out information on how to buy a copy, which is something that they haven't done before. I don't think that they've put that on CNN or Fox.

Then they do disco. I'm not sure why. There are lots of ways to kill time until the broadcast networks start their coverage. King interviews his panel, but you can't hear what he's saying as the music's so loud. The next speaker up is the Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, Kerry had the job under Dukakis, and then they start attacking the Duke. Then they go after Kerry, using the L-word a number of times before going into a commercial for Gov. Mitt Romney, who's next on the list. Romney hasn't been that an effective governor. With the geographical credentials in place, Romney goes after Kerry, cracking exactly one good joke, "we don't need leadership in 57 varieties." Then he goes on to attack gay marriage.

Larry King doesn't seem to be listening. We've got about fifteen minutes before Cheney steps up to the plate...or rather Zell Miller, as I just found out he comes first

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