Thursday, September 02, 2004

One ten in the afternoon

So here I am at what's called "radio row" where everybody who's anybody in the talk radio biz is supposed to be at this time in the afternoon.

I had problems getting in. They asked for extra ID, which I had left at home since nobody ever asked for it before. They searched my bag and then searched it again, and looked at my legitimately obtained credentials repeatedly. They asked me if I was going to start a disruption. I said no of course, but why would they ask such a stupid question? Were they expecting someone to say "Sure! I"m going to start a riot all by my widdle self!" jess!!!!

Finally, after waiting for what seemed forever, I was finally permitted to go through the metal detector and do the whole thing all over again. I went over to the blockers bench, and security told me that since I'm not a "real blocker" I would have to leave. I told her that I was going to tell the world how mean she was being and she told me not to. I don't care. I'm going to do it anyway. The White House press corps is going to have a special luncheon and nobody's allowed to go except them what good it that then? I demand free roast beef!!!

This is all because that $%^& Bush is coming into the hall. I can see some security, but this is ridiculous!

Al Franken is about twelve feet away from me and at the moment is drinking some bottled water while discussing the latest disheartening poll results. Rasmussen has Kerry down by four after being tied with Bush yesterday. Millers speech had it's effect. We'll see what's going on later.

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