Friday, November 24, 2006

The return of the quebec menace.

Preliminary designs exist for up to 56 star flags have already been prepared by the US Govt.'s Institute of Heraldry.

What does this have to do with anything? Well we’re going to discuss the possible future of a country which some people think has no right to exist: Canada.

No one in the US government has advocated the annexation of Canada in well over a century, and as far as I know, nobody in either the Bush or Clinton administrations even WANT that to happen.

However, there are quite a few Canadians who want to destroy Canada, and in reaction, a number of Provincial premiers have advocated joining the United States if they succeed.

I am, of course, talking about Quebec. Since 1970, “Le Belle Province” has been beating up on it’s minorities, and has twice held referenda on secession, albeit not in those exact words. They had two, one in 1976 and one in 1995, the first was defeated by a wide margin, the second almost passed, and according to the memoirs of Jacques Parizeau, the premier at the time, if it did, He would have would have issued an immediate declaration of independence, and we might have had to take one of those flag designs out of the filing cabinet.

The reason I bring this up, is that yesterday, Prime Minister Steven Harper tabled a resolution before the Canadian parliament proclaiming the French Quebecois, “a ‘nation’ within Canada. The reason he did this, is, allegedly, to forestall a similar resolution by Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe, which didn’t include the magic words “within Canada.”

Without the magic words, it may have been construed as an endorsement Quebec independence. Still, this proposal, which is basically a declaration that somehow the French Quebecois, unlike say, the Ukrainians and Italians, both of whom have larger communities in Canada outside of Quebec, are superior,

This is quite clearly, appeasement, and will encourage a referendum after the provincial election next year, should the Quebec Nationalist party (PQ) actually win. (they’re currently running first in the polls)

The recognition of French Canadians as “special” has always ticked off those in the Rest of Canada (RoC), and there are Western Nationalists (they nearly took power in Saskatewan in 2003), who sometimes threaten secession themselves. But to those in the Great White North, all this is old hat and boring,

Since 1995, and especially the Liberal victory in Quebec in 2003, talk of the destruction of Canada has been mostly speculative blather by commentators, and not taken seriously by anyone. This is going to change and the whole stupid circus is going to start up anew. In fact, it already has. One of the reasons this is because the Conservative Harper government is a minority, and they’re leaning on the BQ to stay in power. With the new Liberal leadership in place next month, there’s no reason to keep Harper in power on the part of the BQ or the Liberals, and there’s going to be a big political mess.

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