Monday, November 06, 2006

one day out.

First more polls:

Dianne Feinstein (D) 60%
Dick Mountjoy (R) 31%

Joe Lieberman (I) 49%
Ned Lamont (D) 38%
Alan Schlesinger (R) 9%

Bill Nelson (D) 58%
Katherine Harris (R) 35%

Bill Nelson (D) 59%
Katherine Harris (R) 36%

Debbie Stabenow (D) 50%
Michael Bouchard (R) 44%

Debbie Stabenow (D) 52%
Michael Bouchard (R) 42%

Claire McCaskill (D) 49%
Jim Talent (R) 45%

Jon Tester (D) 50%
Conrad Burns (R) 41%

Bob Menendez (D) 49%
Tom Kean, Jr (R) 42%

Bobby Menendez (D) 50%
Tom Kean, Jr. (R) 40%

Bob Casey (D) 52%
Rick Santorum (R) 40%

Sheldon Whitehouse (D) 48%
Lincoln Chafee (R) 45%

Bob Corker (R) 49%
Harold Ford (D) 46

George Allen (R) 49%
James Webb (D) 46%

Maria Cantwell (D) 53%
Mike McGavick (R) 42%

Now some predictions for tomorrow:

California: Incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein will easily hold her seat over little-known Republican Richard Mountjoy because Aaanold has no coattails.

Connecticutt: Joe Leiberman will be reelected as an independent. Making the Daily Kos crowd briefly unhappy.

Delaware: Democrat Thomas Carper will defeat Temple University professor Jan Ting because nobody knows who the hell he is.

Florida: Former astronaut Bill Nelson will hold his seat for the Democrats over Republican Congresswoman Katherine Harris because she is EVIL and Floridians know it.

Hawaii: Democrat Daniel Akaka, will wipe the floor with Republican state Rep. Cynthia Thielen.

Indiana: Thiis is the easiest on to prognosticate: Richard Lugar is unopposed.

Maine: Republican Olympia Snowe will easily defeat Democrat Jean Hay Bright before becoming a Democrat herself. That is if the results are 50-50 and the Democrats are smart.

Massachusetts: Ted Kennedy gets reelected because it's in the State Constituion somewhere, Republican Ken Chase was very happy just to be nominatied.

Mississippi: Republican Trent Lott will be returned to the Senate over Democrat Erik Fleming, partly because Lott was himself a victim of Katrina and could feel the Gulf Coast's pain.

Nebraska: Sen. Ben Nelson, but he will easily best Republican Pete Ricketts.

Nevada: Sons of Presidents rarely do well politically, and with the exception to the rule fucking up so badly in the White House, Jimmy Carter's eldest son, Jack, will get creamed by incumbent Republican John Ensign.

New Mexico: Democrat Jeff Bingaman is a popular incumbent who might get a committe chaimanship, he will beat Republican Allen McCulloch.

New York: Republican John Spencer beat Hillary Clinton?!?! Get serious.

North Dakota: Democrat Kent Conrad will beat GOP's Dwight Grotberg because he has seniority and the North Dakotans want that.

Texas: Kay Baliy Hutchison will defeat Barbara Ann Radnofsky for the simple reason that Lyndon Johnson is dead.

Utah: Orrin Hatch is a Republican from UTAH, Democrat Pete Ashdown never had a chance.

Vermont: Bernie Sanders is popular even though he's a Socialist.

West Virginia: Once and future President pro tempore Senate Robert Byrd destroy challenger John Raese because he's beein bringing in the pork since the 1950s.

Wisconsin: Democrat Herb Kohl will defeat Robert Gerald Lorge.

Wyoming: As this is "Dick Cheney-Land" Democrat Dale Groutage never stood much of a chance against Republican Craig Thomas.

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