Saturday, September 16, 2006

The NYS primary results

Since the primary is over, I searched the web for the results and here they are:

Governor (Dem)
Eliot Spitzer 570,205 || 80.77%
Thomas R. Suozzi 135,740 || 19.23%

commentary: Why Suozzi kept on running is a mystery, his staying in didn't help anybody, especially him.

Attorney General (Dem)
Andrew M. Cuomo 373,752 || 52.88%
Mark Green 229,867 || 32.52%
Sean Patrick Maloney 66,542 || 9.41%
Charles G. King 36,614 || 5.18%

commentary: who is Charles King and why was he running? I have no idea, which is why I voted for him. Green is a prick, Cuomo destroyed the NYS Liberal Party, which hurt state politics to no end (it gave us democrats a safe place to vote for Liberal Republicans) and Maloney's campaign was going around my neighborhood "He's GAY, He's GAY!!! vote for him because he's GAY!!!! If Cuomo went around saying "Vote for me I'm CATHOLIC!!!!" I wouldn't vote for him either.

Senate (GOP)
John Spencer 104,034 || 60.19%
K.T. McFarland 68,819 || 39.81%

commentary: Since HRC is going to clean the clock of anybody who was going to win here anyway, who really cared? Spencer, being such a wonderful guy, refused to take McFarland's concession call. That's class!! NOT.

Senate (Dem)
Hillary Rodham Clinton 589,133 || 83%
Jonathan B. Tasini 117,986 || 17%

commentary: Tasini ran as a political corrector in order to punish HRC for supporting the US in the War on Terror. I don't like HRC one bit and wrote in a friend, but Tasini deserved to get creamed.

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