Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy 5767.

kay, folks, tomarrow is Rosh Hasonna, the first day of the year 5767. One may wonder if the Christians say that it's 2006 and a bit years since Jesus Christ was born, then what exactly happened 5,767 years ago to make it the start of the Jewish calender. Well, according to the Talmud, that was when God considering creating the world, something he did between Sept 21-27, 3760 BCE. The first Rosh Hashona, on this planet, at least, was to begin on the 26th, which would begin the year two.

In other words at the start of the Jewish era of the universe, the Molad Efes-Zero Point (7 October 3761 BC), the world did not exist as yet. Or so the sages tell us. So how did the conjunction of the moon, which didn't exist, take place? It's a miracle!!!!

There are those who say the world was already up an running for billions of years on the Molad Efes, and that's undoubtably true, and there are some who say that one that date writing was invented and that anything happening before it could be written down doesn't really count.

There's some truth to this, for the first historical figure has come down to us before was the Scorpion King, who ruled part of Egypt about 3150 BC, centuries later.

The discoverer of fire will never be remembered, nor will the inventer of the lever, the boat or the inclined plane Nor will the discoverer of France or Norway.

Even the Yellow Emperor, inventer of China, dates from afterward. So it's a good place to start.

Enjoy 5767, and may there be peace, love and a Democratic congress sitting in Washington on Rosh hashona 5768!

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