Saturday, September 03, 2005


My regular venue, the Greenwich village Gazette has just linked to this blog, so if anyone is actually OUT there welcome.

We're going to try to actually update this thing once or twice a day for the next month, exercising discipline, something I'm not very good at. Cyberspace has been focusing at the disaster in Louisiana, was in only right, and there in the middle of the things everybody was talking about was where a CNN guy took Sen. Mary Landru to task for not being caring enough for the people she represented. She should have torn his head off.

But you can't actually do that on TV and get reelected. I'm not very good at outrage at this time of day over the big things of universal importance, it's the small personal things that bug the hell out of me.

I checked out the Toronto press screening schedule yesterday, and quite a few of the major films were screening at the same time. I know that it's nothing compared with the stampede in Baghdad and the misery in the former Big Easy, but there it is.

The reason that what happened down there happened was because the Repubicans in the congress thought that since N'Orleans' was run by Democrats, the necessary repairs to the levee system were mere pork and could be ignored. That's the only reason.

Nothing much is going on in Canada this year, and that's probably just as well. IT looks like the election will take place early next year, so people up there are taking it easy. I'm going to see if I can get an absentee ballot today, and since it's Saturday and part of a three day weekend, I probably won't get one.

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