Monday, September 19, 2005

Next Event

The IFP market, also known as the independent Feature Film Market, has been going on for a few decades now and unfortunately has been going simultaneously with the press screenings at the NY film festival for about five years or so.

I first went to the IFFM eleven years ago, well before I was doing my current gig. The opening night party was pretty much a waste, the beer was free but there wasn't enough room to breathe. I figure that since I've got the time a couple of days this week I"ll go to some of the conferences, which are always interesting.

Unlike Toronto, the NYFF people are generally pissed off when you put up stuff before that fest actually starts. Besides, I"ve already posted more than half of the flix playing during the blogging of Cannes and Toronto.

Unlike Cannes and Toronto, the NYFF serves the press free food in the morning. They have good coffee, too.

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