Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey, it's monday!

yes, folks, it's the first monday in April, and the bad guys are winning the war on terror. Not only that, Hillery Clinton is WAAAAAAY ahead in the polls because of the Laureen Wallace effect. Democrats want Bill Clinton back, and they're willing to put the White House in his wife's name.

The US of A will remain at fifty states for the time being, as Quebec's separatists got their heads handed to them in the in the election last week. Meanwhile most of my reviews actually got put up at the Gazette last sunday.

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Stella K. said...

i don't see a review for the movie summer in berlin which I had the pleasure of seeing this weekend at the sunshine. i don't care about all those big films because anyone can see them anywhere anytime even if they're semiretarted while most cater to them anyway. summer in berlin is one of the best movies i've seen all year. too bad i can't find a writeup of it on your site.