Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Miami, Day Two: It's getting somewhat warmer

The bus tour was decent. I didn't see everything, but then again the only thing I actually wanted to see was Coral Castle, and everything else was pretty much just architecture. The main journey of the afternoon was to the Coconut Grove arts festival, which wasn't as great as advertized, and wasn't worth the price of admission. Half price would have been adequate, hell, it was mostly people selling art, some of which was pretty good.

The transit system is actually rather efficient during the day. Unfortunately, the thing starts to grind to a halt around eight PM and thus I had to blow $21 bucks on a taxi after waiting over a half hour after the screenings. Due to embargoes and the like, the films I saw won't be posted until next week. However, one was good and one wasn't.

I'm getting together with Jeff Kasten and his wife later today, and we're going to hang out and do some other stuff. I'm going to try to get to the venue at seven intead of six. As far as I know, there's primarily documentaries for the next two days.

The other people in the hostel snore worse than I do, and two women decided not to make their beds until three in the morning. Everything else is just fine.

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