Saturday, August 19, 2006

toronto: day —10

We've got three scheduled toronto flicks to see before we actually got to the festival in a little more than two weeks. Our real coverage will begin a week from monday.

Toronto’s film festival has been famous as the place that where the fall’s Oscar bait generally makes its debut. Last March three of the five the picture nominees had their debut there, and the previous year two. Generally a couple of foreign-language films get shown here get Oscar noms, so it’s a good place to start looking at the field for next march.

Looking at the various Oscar® blogs, the following list is what’s generally considered to be in contention:

Films I’ve seen and have already opened:

A Prairie Home Companion,
The latest from Robert Altman, who's been very irregular in the quality of his output.

World Trade Center
Oliver Stone's most patriotic film ever.

Flight 93
If WTC doesn't make it this will, but both won't.

Inside Man
Spike Lee's best film in years.

Films that we’re sure are opening in Toronto:

Little Children
The Fountain
Copying Beethoven
The Last King of Scotland

The above films will probably get nominated for something. Maybe best picture, but maybe not.

Other stuff that’s been mentioned, but probably won't be shown at Toronto:

Breaking and Entering
Goya's Ghosts
The Good Shepherd
The Good German
Running With Scissors
The Painted Veil
A Good Year
Flags of Our Fathers
The Departed
Youth Without Youth
Inland Empire

The above is just a list of course, and the most of them aren’t mine. I’ve seen a couple of the films without a link, but that’s because of embargoes and such, and thus can’t comment. We’ll go over everything after the NY film festival is over in October. Then we should have a far better picture of what’s going on.

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