Friday, April 21, 2006

Tribeca I: The obligitory Ramones documentery

Every year at the Tribeca festival there's at least one documentery on the Ramones. Now I like the Ramones and have since they were in their prime. Maybe next year they'll have "Rock and Roll High School" as a revival a the family the meantime:

Too Tough to Die (U.S.A.) - World Premiere.

Directed By
Mandy Stein

In the summer of 2004, Johnny Ramone realized he was dying, so he decided to throw himself a wake. This was a rather good idea, and he and Rob Zombie got together, rented out the legendary Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles, and sent out a call for volunteers.

The result was a concert blowout concert featuring the likes of Eddie Vedder, Henry Rollins [who we discover uses hair dye], Peter Yorn, some of the replacement Ramones, and a whole bunch of others I don't exactly remember cover the original punker's greatest hits.

In between the music, and sometimes interrupting it at the wrong places, director Mady Stein interviews friends and family reminiscing about Johnny and how wonderful the Ramones really were. One thing remains clear throughout the film. The only people who actually could do the Ramones right were the Ramones themselves. If you want to see what the fuss was all about there have been plenty of films on the subject and a rental would be worth the money.

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