Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's the morning...are you up?

I'm just wondering if there's anyone actually out there, the statistics show that while we're actually getting readers, most of them accidently click on and go right off. So if you are reading this leave a comment, okay? Just don't leave obnoxious advertisements like: "I'm so glad you've got a blog on homeowners insurance, here's my sex site!" Here's a review left over from yesterday:

My Dad is 100 Years Old

Directed by
Guy Maddin

Isabella Rossellini is famous for being a B-list actress and being the daughter of, Ingrid Bergman who left her husband for Roberto Rossellini soon sometime in the 1940s. We tend to forget the relationship between father and daughter in light of the famous divorce and other stuff, but Isabella and Guy Maddin have gotten together to produce a birthday card for the late director.

In this short valentine, Isabella plays the parts of a number of directors who knew Roberto, who’s played by a prosthetic belly, and they discuss the meaning of his films and his famous lifestyle. It’s very informative and oh so sweet. A very cute film indeed.


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