Saturday, July 09, 2005

The saturday before

For any of those very few people who actually read this thing, welcome!

The day after tomarrow, I'm flying out to sunny California to attend the San Diego comics festival, also known as Comic Con. It used to be just for comics, and when I was doing that sort of thing professionally, it was just for comics and the comics industry, but then the movie companies took over and it's attendance went from ten thousand, which would be huge even now, to over ten times that.

As my thing is movies nowadays, I'm going to concentrate on all the pre-release promotions. I'm not sure how many comic companies are going to show up. I remember that the first couple of times I was there, there were parties for cartoonists and much art was produced.

Also, I remember at the height of the PC craze, some advocates for freedom of the press were celebrating censorship in thier booth. I hope they don't do that any more.

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