Monday, June 13, 2005

June is busting out all over!!!

So it's in the upper eighties outside my little apartment and the air conditioning isn 't working all that great. We've just missed the end of the Brooklyn film festival, I've had too much else to do as this was a very big week for screenings and then there was a thing called "pitchfest" where for twenty five bucks a pop, you can pitch that awful movie idea you've got to a genuine producer.

I got the five pack and was given one email address to send a bigger synopsis. I'll do that and not expect anything to happen.

My nephew's bar mitzva is on saturday. We're taking a break after the ceremony to go to his sister's graduation ceremoney. I guess it's cheaper to have everything on the same day, but I'm not sure that she's going to go to the party afterwards.

I myself would be ticked off about something like that.

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