Monday, July 26, 2004

two PM

Okay, instead of the DC statehood thing, I went to the press tent, where after about twenty minutes waiting on line, we managed to get into the "temple precincts" where I found a wai fi hotspot and went around looking at the various suites. There are two floors here, the people inside the various rooms aren’t that friendly, excpet for the editor of the New York Observer, who let me use his plug to replenish my battery’s juice. The schedule for the convention itself today is housekeeping and speeches by presidents.

I lent a major paper my machine and they let me put in some more juice in it. The press tent is pretty large. It has two floors and pretty much every major news organization has a booth. The free food starts at three PM. It’s too late to go to the reception. Oh well, I’ll know what to do next time…..

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