Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Oscar shorts


Directed by
Ulrike Grote

It’s a ghost story of sorts, where this kid shows up at our hero’s apartment claiming to be his son, an event that ruins his day, especially since he can’t find the mother.

One of those films which tugs at the heart but fails to bring forth any emotion whatsoever, how this actually managed to get a nomination is a quandary.


Written and Directed
by Sean Ellis

Let’s talk about porn for a bit. How dirty does a film have to be in order to considered smut? Nowadays, you have to have close-ups of the sex act and a graphic depiction of the release of bodily fluids. But long ago, just having full frontal nudity, or even naked breasts was considered dirty. To some extent it still is for some reason, but not, I guess in Britain, where Ellis has made a film about them.

London art student Ben (Sean Biggerstaff) is working the night shift in a grocery store. His boss(Stuart Goodwin) is a bit of a jerk, who has a thing for the Sharon(Emilia Fox) the check out clerk and she doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. Meanwhile Barry(Michael Dixon) and Matt(Michael Lambourne) like to play with the products, like putting penis-shaped shampoo bottles in women’s carts without their knowing it, or simulating cocksucking using large sausages.

It’s all in good fun, even though the sausage scene looks like the real thing. This is before the flashback to our hero’s childhood where we see the full frontal nudity from the height of an eight year old, and we get to see the clitoris come close to fill the screen.

While there is no actual sex [the sausage scene, of course, is mere simulation], the final third of the film is, in fact nothing but a sea of naked breasts. In the ‘60s, this would have been considered porn. Very soft-core yes, but its still porn. Just what Oscar needs.


Directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson
and Thor S. Sigurjónsson

An elderly man digs his wife’s grave while his family and neighbors demand he move into an old-age home. We know what’s going on from near the beginning and it’s depressing as hell.

The acting is fine, and the Icelandic countryside is always picturesque, and innocent people quietly suffering is always popular with some in the Academy. This isn’t going to get anything.


Written and Directed by
Rob Pearlstein and Pia Clemente

An expensive and bored psychotherapist(Kevin Pollak) learns he has only six weeks to live and decides to continue his practice until the very end, changing his “bedside” manner quite a bit.

This film isn’t particularly great, but the shock of seeing Jorge Garcia [Hurley from “Lost”] gives one a tiny thrill. The chances of this winning anything are minimal.


Written and Directed
by Martin McDonagh

If there were any justice in the world, this would win it hands down. Six Shooter is one of the sickest black comedies I have ever seen and it’s, in a word, brilliant.

Mr. Donnelly(Brendan Gleeson) has just lost his wife. We see that at the very beginning as he weeps over the body. Little do we know what we’re in for, wow!

Cut to a train, sitting catty corner from our protagonist are a couple (David Wilmot and Aisling O'Sullivan) who’ve just lost a baby, and directly across is a strange youth(Rúaidhrí Conroy), who begins blabbering about all sorts of thing, mainly making fun of the woman’s loss of child. From here on out it gets more and more bizarre, climaxing in death, destruction and exploding cows. It’s hilarious!

Conroy’s performance is actually the better than any of the people nominated for the big acting awards, and I’m not sure why he’s not famous yet. This gets my vote for this year’s prize.



Directed by
Sharon Colman

A beleaguered badger tries to get some sleep while crows caw and the military industrial complex plants nuclear weapons under his burrow. This is a very cute cartoon, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The animation design isn’t the best, but the jokes work. What more do you want, an OSCAR? I don’t think so.


Written and Directed by
John Canemaker and Peggy Stern

John Canemaker (John Turturro) explores his difficult relationship with his dead father(Eli Wallach) through an imaginary conversation about the older man's past.

This is autobiography. Canemaker, hated his father’s guts, and uses his talents as an animator to basically try to explain and condemn his father and all he stood for.

While the animation isn’t all that good [Canemaker is a great teacher and a fine writer, but isn’t that great a draftsman], it’s the subject matter which is what grabs you here. There’s an attempt at sympathy and a quest for understanding, but it ends with accusation and rejection.

Because of Canemaker’s fame within the community, it was inevitable that he would get nominated for SOMETHING. I guess this is it.


Directed by
Anthony Lucas

Somewhere in a distant universe, a city is dying of a mysterious plague. Disgraced navigator Jasper Morello (Joel Edgerton) is called back into service to help Captain Grimwald (Tommy Dysart) chart a new trade route while Dr Claude Belgon(Helmut Bakaitis) of the national academy checks the crews health and tries to discover why airmen don’t fall sick. Then things go terribly wrong, although there is some hope for the world in question.

This is one of the more beautifully designed films in this year’s batch. A blend of Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki, this is a fully realized adventure story. While it won’t take your breath away, it’ll leave you satisfied.


Written and Directed
by Shane Acker

One of the things about animation is that it lets the hand realize what the mind can conceive. This is as alien a film as one can get. The story of an anthropormorphic robot fighting a mechanical monster in order to save himself and the souls of his bretheren is actually exiting at times.

It won’t win the Oscar because it already won one. As far as I know, this is one of the Student Oscar winners to get a promotion to the bit time. But it won’t win the grownup’s prize.


Written and Directed by
Andrew Jimenez and Mark Andrews

Two buskers battle for a little girl’s last coin. It once again proves that Pixar can do just about anything it wants and gets away with it.

This is a very funny film, and therefore is going to get the Oscar® whether it deserves to or not. The fact that it really doesn’t deserve an award is no reason why it won’t get one. It’s still extremely good.


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